Android App Development


At 8pm Studio we understand the huge potential Android offers as an application development platform. Our expertise on the platform is such that we not only develop Android applications but also we develop iphone Application.

Android Application Development’s Platform Expertise

Android developers at Android Application Development have the right combination of mobile development knowledge and Android development skills. This combined with our development process gives us the edge required to deliver out-of-the-world applications. Besides Android app development we put in lot of time in learning the latest Android has to offer its developers. Use of latest development and debugging tools ensure that we are at par with the latest happenings in the Android world and sure to develop advance applications.

More Than One Reason to Select Us

At Android Application Development, we have explored the platform in all its aspects to enhance ourselves with the power to develop applications which have seen no constraints of features, development, size or quality. All our Android application developers have vast industry experience and skills that make them outstanding in their work. Applications built at our facility are unique, innovative and extremely rich.

Though we have a comprehensive Android app development process, our regular client updates and reports make it really easy for them to track their project’s progress through the different stages of development. Clients are free to give their inputs regarding the development if feasible we are sure to implement them during the development process. This ensures that we deliver what our clients expect from us and with their inputs used at the right place our clients also feel more satisfied with our services.

Here are some more reasons that we emphasize “there is more than one reason to Select Android Application Development”:

  • Diverse development expertise, our Android developers can complete projects as simple as data object design to as complex as business solution
  • Quality always comes first for us, our unit testing module allows us to ensure that the application developed is flawless and complete with all features as requested
  • We ensure on time Android development for we are backed by excellent infrastructure
  • Our Java and C expertise helps us grasp the platform well and use our knowledge while developing applications
  • Our dedication is our faith we devote 100% of our time on client projects

Android development at Android Application Development is done using the following:

  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Multimedia API
  • C++
  • Java / J2ME
  • SQL Lite Database
  • Location API
  • Flash
  • Services Integration
  • OpenGL API
  • Android NDK